Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dead Winter Blues

This is Devin the great.
Lately the writers of this blog have had trouble shoveling out post material for this blog. I actually cannot speak for Kimber since the reason she doesn't post very often is probably because of her lack of internet. Also I'm not sure about Nolan either since the only proof I have of his negligence is that one: he is negligent on his writing posts and two: he said, "No" today when I asked him to post today and three: he is obsessed with Deviantart. I don't think the last one really counted but that's what he usually does on the computer instead of posting so I decided to throw it in. Honestly the only person I can speak for is myself.
The reason I am posting this post is because lately nobody has really been posting very often as of lately. And I wanted to attempt to provide a small happy post for our readers to hold them over until more writers begin posting again. So here it is. Here's a comic that I drew. Yay.

Sorry but I really did't have much to say except that the Haunted Forest in American Fork is slightly different this year and is thus more awesome. Although Psycho Manor is just the same. Too short but still sweet. If you live in the Provo, Utah area you should definitely check it out.