Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is Devin. I say boo-yah in the most unexciting way imaginable. As in, "Boo you suck" and "yah, I guess I could take the garbage out." So on that note lets get this post rolling.
Just so all you throngs upon throngs of readers know, Nolan and I both have Deviantfart accounts. Here is Nolans and here is mine. So just in case your interested you can click on those and check that out. In case you're not interested then here is a video that Kimber's been wanting to post for a while. Remember how Nolan and Kimber had that whole childish argument about Kimber and I having a non-existent relationship? Yeah so right after Kimber responded in a super intelligent manner Nolan called her up and left his own super intelligent message on her phone. So we took his message and imposed it over Nolan picking his nose.

Sorry kimber I know you wanted to write the post to this video but it wasn't getting done and I was running out of blog material. Sorry to our fanbase(Jerret) for not posting in a while. I think we've all been either too lazy or too busy.

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