Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A humble suggestion for improving college

This is Devin. If you have been following our posts then you already know I go to a university called UVU. If you haven't been following that's ok but keep reading.

So the other day i was strolling nonchalantly down the butt-ridden halls of said UVU and I spotted a suggestion box for the Student Government. Immediately this inspired some serious suggestions for UVU that would definitely improve everyone's overall college experience. Here is the first suggestion that I wrote. Take it seriously and maybe one day it could happen.

By the way right now we are holding a poll on what you want to be posted. Whatever gets the most votes will actually be posted. And yes I know this can be rigged. So what.


  1. Very funny. I would totally live there.

    BTW what's a "trunk and treat"?

  2. This is Grant making a comment for real; it's not Nolan mysteriously posing as me.

    Ta da! I have made a comment!

  3. A trunk or treat is a thing that wussy parents do for their kids do around halloween time. Its when instead of going house to house trick or treating, kids go around to booths or trunks of cars. Its usually put on by the neighborhood or a trusted organization like a school or something.
    By the way I say wussy parents not wussy kids because stupid overprotective parents kind of ruin the halloween experience when they don't let their kids trick or treat. I never had this problem. But I knew some people who did.
    On a side note, trunk or treats are also great ways to get extra candy.