Saturday, October 11, 2008

Back by popular demand

Devins my name and being sexy's my game. Our fanbase requested a repost of the 50th blog material and I had to obey. This is the new updated version to "Boom" by Flight of the Choncords. Edited in like one minute flat. Sorry Nolan but this is funny and you know it.

Translate this Kimber, jvqqxyx bg ytl ten nspw.


  1. My name's ferret and carrots? Berets?

    I also tried playing "Hiphopopotamus v. Ryhmenoceras" and "If You're Into It" for this [edited] video. The only funny parts with those were when Nolan pulls Kimber's head in front of the camera, because it corresponds with both the "ladies-and-margarine" line in the former and the "I'll let you get naked too" line in the latter.

  2. Kimber... you are retarded... and now mom doesn't want me looking on your website, because it is dirty. No wonder people don't read it.