Saturday, September 13, 2008

A post about monsters and psychology

Apologies for postponing posting the note to Amber. I was seriously going to do it tonight. Nolan decided to invite her over though and that destroyed all my plans(she's still here too). No joke: I was scanning her envelope to the note into the computer when she strutted through the door, wouldn't leave and invited her friend Holly over. Then Nolan went to bed and left me to be the bad host. I'm stuck with two girls who are boring as hell and won't go home. They think that we're going to do something "fun". Well. Amber is coloring a picture I drew. I don't think she is as good as Kimber but she's still decent. Here it is.

Here is also another page from my notes. This time it's from Psychology. Please click.

P.S. I promise I will get the amber post up soon. Wait we haven't even told you about Amber and Nolan yet. You have no idea what I'm talking about what I mention "the note to Amber" and other such drivel. He he he. Your in for something awesome. Stay tuned.

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