Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dale the manager

is a turd. Why is Dale such a turd you ask? Because he sucks at managing. He decides to put his name down for a shift then not show up. Then Johnny calls Devin since Dale doesn't give any forward notice to anyone that he's going to sluff work. Then Devin comes to work and has to waste his saturday away working with a bunch of disabled people. Yeah, that's right. I'm at work right now writing this post on my sexy new macbook. It's ok that I have to work, it's not like I was going to do anything anyways. But it's still saturday. Poor me.

Anyways, new macbook. That's what I thought. I ordered it online and the stork brought it yesterday. I'm already in love. I also ordered an ipod touch but that hasn't arrived yet. I did the school deal where you buy a discounted mac and get an ipod for free. Pretty sweet no? And yes I am going to school. I already said that in previous posts. Sheesh.

Sorry that there's no picture today. I'm too lazy to get one. But here is a link to an awesome video that Kimber, Nolan and I all made together for a 24 hour film marathon.

I want sushi. That sounds really good right now.

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