Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wiener Graphic Novel Teacher

First I have to say that my Graphic Novel Class is as gay as a sorority party where only men are invited. This is Devin again. Kimber, me, and this kid named Jarret are all in this Graphic Novel class where the teacher sucks butt. Today he over analyzed a crappy little comic based on the Batman Begins movie and came up with the idea that Bruce Wayne was abused as a child by his father. Gay. I also have to say that my teacher is a closet child molester who likes to get done up the ass. He also makes us do 20 minute oral presentations (like Monica on Bill) on a comic of our choice. So that sucks. Oh wait, I'm not done. We also have to do two papers that are five to twenty pages. Waah! This is supposed to be a fun class with comic books! Not another gay English class! Why are we reading Understanding Comics! Here's another question, why aren't we reading anything by Will Eisner or Frank Miller? Aren't they comic legends? What the Fudge! Mother Ucker! Atleast we're reading something by Alan Moore. Here's a page from my notes the second day of Graphic Novel hell.

Take note of the picture in the upper left. That's my teacher. It says"I like to rape little children" and in class he actually told us to "close your eyes, just do it". He'th tho gay. Click on the picture to get a better view, just do it.

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