Monday, September 22, 2008

Devin + Kimber= A strange and dangerous relationship.

This is a Nolan;

Today I will talk about what a Nolan usually doesn't talk much about. Kimber's and Devin's love relationship that will never be. I know the future viewers of this blog might deny the facts that have pointed to this majestic awkward possibility; (sense my future viewers will probably ONLY be Devin or/and Kimber). However the evidence remains to be disputed:

They always have overly friendly conversations.

They always plan and talk mainly with each other, even though other friends are around like me, robot, or ferret.

When kimber is alone she always whispers the name: Devin. (I know! I hid a camera in kimber's room. Don't ask me why, I won't tell you).

Devin has a secret stash of kimber pictures under his bed, (that I don't know about).

Devin always allows Kimber to color his works of art even though she sucks at coloring; and usually ruins his art.

Devin always compliments kimber to the Nth degree. He said that she was a better colorer than Amber, This is actually very untrue, Kimber leaves a bunch of white marks when using colored pencil. Amber does not.

Well I'm done telling the TRUTH for now, but in the future expect posts on a future wedding.


  1. He is always offering to buy her stuff.
    Oh, the hordes of red-headed albino Mexicans that will never be.... *tear*