Monday, September 8, 2008

I don't believe in my friends; (they think they're God)

This is Nolan

Ok number one, I have a few complaints on the last four blogs i viewed. If your gonna use my name as a joke make it a new and original one. old jokes are... well... OLD! Number two: Devin said the word period in the last post and it made me squirm. number three: Kimber and Devin suck! (I have no evidence for the last part but take my word for it)

Here's me bitching... Why the hell do you guys have more posts with my name as a tag then anything else? I hardly write in this Blog because I can hardly write! my baby brother Devin is the one who started this blog in the first place. He should be the center of attention, not me. I feel like Strong Bad in Homestar Runner.

Now i'm all out of energy thanks to you guys! I hope your happy! Next time I won't address these issues and leave you in the dust like I'm trying to do with my girlfriend. (Btw if you have any helpful tips to break up and make her think she's the bad guy post a comment below)....:)

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