Monday, September 8, 2008

Junk, God, and Wabbits

This is Devin once again. I find that recently I've been wanting to blog more and more since I got a new macbook. Sorry Kimber and Nolan if I'm taking all the limelight and not letting you have some. Oh wait, we don't have any readers so yeeeaaah.

That was weird. So right now I'm at work again. I'm working the shift where you stay up all night and watch movies or television shows the whole time. It's pretty slick. Except for the being constantly tired all night, this shift rocks my socks. It's also the shift where I bring homework to work and don't do it. That's because I like to stick it to the man. Eat that Psychology! And Biology! I can just look at the chapter summary and pass the class anyways! In your face!!

At about one 'o' clock one of my clients notoriously emerged from his bedroom with no pants on. Male genitalia is so nasty. It's like God just slapped us together real quick so he could spend more time on the female body. Although girls do have periods. I'm guessing Mrs. God didn't really help out in the whole human creation thing. She was probably having too much fun designing bunny rabbits or something. I figure Mrs. God made a deer then for whatever reason God got mad and created bears and mountain lions. That sounds about right. And after the human race proved themselves stupid beyond all hope, God created mosquitos. That's my creation theory. Take it or leave it.

I also believe that when Nolan was born the heavens above parted while beautiful sunlight shone down, and at this moment in time God gazed down with all his glory and said, "Oops".

This is a picture of a monster rabbit that really exists. When I first saw this picture I thought it was definitely fake. Then I found out that it was real. Cool story huh?

This is another picture of either the same bunny or another huge one.

This is a normal bunny wabbit.

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