Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"i can't afford anything nice"-so i buy shit you'll break anyway

This is Nolan

My father always had a stupid saying: It went "we can't buy anything nice, because you kids always break it!" This saying went for computers, cars, chairs, vases, and other things like that. when I was a kid I didn't realize that my father never bought anything nice anyway... everything he did buy was cheep and brittle, so obviously it would break without much effort.

when we got older the things we had still broke. My dad would say something lame like: "i hope you earn a lot of money when you move away cause you're an unskilled potential hazard!" I now realize that it wasn't me or my family but it was the termite filled couches about 100 years old in our living room. Or it was the out of date computers without the latest spam software installed. Or it was the 10 some odd cars in our driveway that all cost less then 600 bucks and broke down after a week of purchase. The car I have now moans and groans and refuses to go over 30 mph. I hate it, it's not my baby, I call it the f word when driving on the highway.

Luckily I've broken from my dads cheep chain. I bought a computer with my own money, i've had it about two or so months. It's Awesome with no flaws so far! I'm also going to buy a car soon to replace the clunker sleeping in my driveway. I'm looking forward to the day where i don't break down on the freeway anymore.

Soon I'll buy some new friends to replace my useless cheep old ones. sorry Kimber you were great for a while but i'm sure some kid at D.I. will love you tender.

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