Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's a contest for you!

ok Kimber if I NOLAN am such a loser, I challenge you to a dating contest since you say i suck at relations.

Starting now, whoever gets more dates with different people by the end of the month, wins! My prize will be that you have to streak naked through town,and publish a picture of the incident on our blog.

You write a comment and tell me what your prize is if you win.

If you refuse the challenge, and just bitch like you usually do, and say things like: Well that prove nothing! Your so stupid, you suck at writing!

Then i will write a blog about how you chickened out because you were afraid of losing and admiting your sloppy gross Love for Devin.


  1. My prize is that I get to kick your balls into your throat.

  2. Its true you do ignore me and ferret to talk about the Daywalkers. although it is clear that Nolan is jealous. after all he just wants to caress your leg.