Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need a digital camera

This is Devin again. Apparently Kimber was really hurt over the last post that I posted. Sorry Kimber.

Anyways, I need a camera. If anyone wants to donate then please do it. I just want a way to post some art online and having a camera is the easiest and sleaziest way to do it. Eventually I'll save up and buy one myself. Or I could ask for one as a birthday/christmas present. And just so everyone knows, Kimber did offer me a kinda crappy little camera to hold me over until I upgrade. I may take her up on that.

So I'm not going to The John Whites concert. Because Nolan is a tikey baby and needs to get up at five tomorrow, and I don't want to go alone with Amber. She's dangerous. So it's just me and even though I know full well how much of a loser bum I am I don't want everyone else to know too. That's why I'm staying home.

Here's another page from my notes. This one is also from Graphic Novel class and is also making fun of butt teacher. Click to behold it's full glory.

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